faq :: your questions answered

Why is pricing based on the asking price of the house?

Great photography takes time and talent. We’ve found that the best indicator of the amount of work we’ll do on a project is the asking price of he property.

Why is Architectural Photography more costly?

There is much more effort involved in Architectural Photography, more equipment, more preparation and more post production.

When should I upgrade to “Architectural Photography”?

Architectural Photography is best suited for your most prestigious listing and your most demanding clients. You’ll be assured that your printed material as well as your internet presence will be nothing short of dazzling.

Can I get an idea of what each product might cost?

See our Price List. Contact us (203) 221-0828, (c) (203) 247-2816 or info@realtyview.net if you have questions or don't see a price for your needs.

Who owns the photographs after the shoot?

The photographer does, but licenses their use to another party with some restrictions. Without additional fees for example, a realtor or architect may use the photographs as specified in the contract, but not for general company promotion.

Photographs are considered artistic/intellectual property. Like computer software, video, or music, they come under the protection of copyright laws. The photos remain the property of the photographer. Only he or she, as the copyright holder, has the right to license their use.

What happens if a publication wants to use the photographs?

Most reputable publications understand copyright and provide the photographer a fee for the use of their photos. Architecture, Architectural Record, Interior Design, the New York Times, etc. all adhere to this standard. There are many book publishers however who try to get photography for free. They either ask the architect to pay the use fee or they ask the photographer to waive it.

In this case, generally photographers adhere to the underlying principle of copyright, which is that if someone is to profit by the use of their photographs then remuneration is necessary. The book publisher is a for-profit enterprise whose product is books. Like printing, writing, and editorial services, photography is a component in the making of the book which adds to its value. Thus, publishers must expect to pay a usage fee.

What if a third party such as another group or company owned by the person(s)/company the photographs are licensed to wants to use them?

You should have them contact the photographer directly to arrange usage. Again, only the photographer has the right to license the use of his or her work.

What is multiple-party usage?

When more than one party is paying for the rights to use the photography it is called multi-party usage. For example, architects often split the cost of a shoot with the contractor and other parties who were involved in construction. Fees in this situation will be greater due to the increase in usage. However, each party will still realize a saving relative to the prospect of paying for photography on their own.

If I order a Session, will my photos be good enough?

Yes, A session will provide excellent photographs for most homes that you can use for print and on the web. Just look at some examples of some past sessions in our Portfolio

How long does a Session take? What should I do in advance?

Normally, 1 hour or less in most cases. You should have your clients have their home “show ready” or “Open House Ready”

When will I get the photos from a session?

We guarantee you’ll have some of the photos within 2 Working Days of the shoot, but in Real Estate that’s an eternity...more often than not we’ll get them to you much sooner.

What equipment do you use?

Only top of the line pro equipment including the Canon 5D.

What is Box.net? Why can’t you email the photos to me?

Since the photos are suitable for print the files will be fairly large and it’s impractical to email a large number of picture files. With Box.net you’ll be able to review, download to your hard drive and forward the photos to anyone.

Ok I’m ready! How do I book a photographer?

It’s easy!, Just call us (203) 221-0828, (c) (203) 247-2816.

Still have questions that we didn’t answer here?

Please contact us at info@realtyview.net or call (203) 221-0828.