This section of our web site contains an informative photographic presentation of our listings.

There are a few things you should know.

The goal of this presentation is to allow the serious home shopper access to a great deal of information, both before and after they have viewed the home in person, with a broker.
The rooms listed at the side of each page are all illustrated photographically in the presentation. They are "links" and if you click on them you go that room.
There is another great way to navigate through each property. You can click on the Thumbnails button at the top of the Room list or any of the photos in the presentation. The Thumbnail images may take a little while to load, but will soon take you to a page full of Thumbnails or small pictures. Click on any of these and you'll go directly to that photo in the presentation!
This is an image rich presentation, with a great deal of photographic imagery. For best viewing, set your screen resolution to at least 600 x 800 pixels. And remember photographs will take a relatively long time to download.
In the production of this presentation, the photographer used digital technologies that help to give the appearance of a wide angle lens or to brighten up a sky. You may detect some curvature of the lines in some of the scenes. Please note that these techniques were applied so as to best describe the home and are not meant to deceive the viewer.
The measurements supplied on the various rooms are believed to be correct, but are approximations and are not warranted.
It is possible that you may have had some trouble creating a search. If so, please try the search form below.

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